An enological experience that combines tradition, quality, and sustainability

Entremontes represents a model of winemaking that integrates the great extent of its own vineyards and all the technical provision necessary to prepare quality bulk wines, ecological wines and a selection of micro-wines.



Entremontes is the historical extension of the Sociedad Cooperativa Nuestra Señora de la Piedad, located in Quintanar de la Orden, Toledo, in the geographical centre of the region known as La Mancha.

The company was founded on 16 February 1954, constituted then at the initiative of 59 winegrowing partners in Quintanar de la Orden. This number has grown over time to the current figure of over a thousand partners in Quintanar and surrounding villages. Our identity has a double nature – agricultural and entrepreneurial. On the one hand we recognise the winegrowers who respect the earth and careful treatment of vines and, on the other, we consider ourselves a wine business which attained complete domination of the winemaking process long ago, allowing us to offer quality wines focused on satisfying very specific market requirements. Historically, Entremontes has been recognised as one of the most innovative cooperatives in the region. Proof of this were the pioneering acceptance of controlled fermentation (1985), the creation of our own bottling line allowing the sale of our own brands (1987) and the search for international markets for our bulk wines (1982).


The winery

The company occupies 32,000 square metres containing all the equipment for harvesting, processing and storing.
The technical infrastructure includes self-emptying pneumatic presses, cooling equipment, exchangers, centrifuges and latest-generation tangential filters. The storage tanks have a capacity of 38 million litres. Entremontes has a laboratory equipped to undertake complete analyses and routine tests allowing rigorous decisions on the value of our wines. Entremontes has a magnificent barrels hall with more than 300 units of American and French oak. The automatic bottling line has a capacity of 6,000 bottles an hour. Wine production exceeds 32 million litres. The varieties in production are Airen, Verdejo, Macabeo, Moscatel and Sauvignon Blanc for white wines and, for red wines, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Since 2015, Entremontes has had the necessary certification for preparing and selling ecological wines. The progressive integration of this wine-growing mode and the favourable reception in the market, especially our Central European market, allows us to reach 15 per cent of our wine production. Currently, more than 70 per cent of our motos and wines are acquired on the international markets.


The vineyards

Year after year, Entremontes processes more than 35 million kilogrammes of various varieties of grapes from an area of nearly 4,500 hectares of vines.
Our winegrowing tradition, with a recognised historical tradition, is added to the combination of favourable physical conditions for preparing wine: clay-lime soil ideal for the cultivation, high average altitude, an especially beneficial climate, strong temperature variation between seasons, high and stable annual sunlight and a rich variety of grapes. The location of our vineyards on the huge La Mancha plain gives the Entremontes wines the typical qualities of high quality wines. An especially notable feature of Entremontes’s vineyards is that they lie on cultivated areas near or over 700 metres above sea level between areas of Mediterranean countryside featuring a proliferation of holm oaks and aromatic plants. The age of our vines is also important for preparing wines with a marked personality and unique attributes. For historic and social reasons, most of our plantations of the Airen variety are occupied by vines some thirty years old. This special feature, unique in a area with a tendency to renew plants, provides wines with nuances of past times, of great winemaking value, very favourable for the production of special aromas and flavours.


The wines

Our wines form a global winemaking offer that covers all of the demands arising in our current markets from bulk wines to specialised micro-wines.
Our bulk wines of must and wine come from fifteen varieties of grape cultivated in our own vineyards. Their preparation involves a solid experience as traditional winemakers, an in-depth knowledge of the winemaking properties of our fruit and the technology needed to guarantee the quality that consumers demand today. Entremontes micro bulk wines, for preparations for reduced markets, provide the properties determined by the client. These winemaking preparations and values are set through a unique set of conditions. We consider this client as the owner of part of our production infrastructure, a micro winery in Entremontes that adapts to the client’s production structure as just part of its own winery, The ecological wines, from our own vineyards, arise thanks to verified winegrowing that has recovered the ancestral working practices of vine cultivation and care. The suitable use of natural resources, avoiding all types of chemical synthesis products during cultivation and preparation and a sealed must generation infrastructure guarantees the ecological preparation of balanced, intense and healthy wines. Finally, Entremontes offers wines bottled with the client’s brand and label. With an extensive range of wines and a bottling plant with a capacity of 6,000 units per hour, we meet the requirements of clients who operate with their own brands in markets of various sizes. Added to our capacity for the micro preparation of wine are the functions for labelling, bottling and part of the distribution logistics.




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