¡History of Passion and Tradition at Entremontes!

In every corner of our winery, a story beats that dates back over 60 years. Since its founding in 1954 by 59 viticulturists in love with the land, Entremontes has stood as a symbol of innovation and excellence in the La Mancha region. Our passion for viticulture and meticulous vine care blends with a strong […]

Organic Wines: A Commitment to Nature

At Entremontes, we believe that the true greatness of a wine comes from cultivation that respects nature. Since 2015, we have embraced certification for the production and marketing of organic wines, a commitment to the environment that makes us proud. Our vineyards, cultivated without the use of synthetic chemicals, provide us with balanced and healthy […]

From the Earth to the Glass: The Art of Our Viticulture

At Entremontes, each glass of wine is a masterpiece that begins in the earth. Our vineyards, nestled in the plains of La Mancha, enjoy a perfect combination of physical conditions for cultivation: clay-limestone soil, high altitude, favorable climate, and a richness in grape varieties. With vineyards situated up to 700 meters above sea level and […]




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